Games for Stimulating the Mind and Imagination

More than likely, you’ve met a child that barely acknowledges your existence due to their smartphone or tablet computer.  In recent years, parents have gravitated towards digital games and tablets, especially the iPad, to provide educational games for their children. However, many developmental experts feel that children are using these devices too much, and it could be interfering with normal development. Young children learn best and thrive when interacting with adults or other children. When children don’t receive this type of healthy stimulation, there are consequences in the form of learning problems. In this post, we'll take a look at some ideas for games to stimulate your child’s mind and imagination.

While there are many learning games available on tablets, smartphones, and computers, these rarely incorporate a high level of interactivity. Digital games are, by their nature, a solitary affair. Classic games, such as chess and the Chinese favorite Go, are great games for developing strategic thinking and working on problem solving. Playing against another person (in person) also helps children to develop their social skills.

Outside of games, it's also great to help develop your child’s imagination; the most important step you can take is to create situations where it comes into play, and you don’t need fancy or expensive games to make this happen. Often all a parent needs to do is introduce a situation such as, “What would we do if we were on another planet right now?” or “If we created our own car, what would it look like?” Asking children such questions can send their imaginations racing for hours. All you need to do is be supportive, provide pen, paper and some creative input of your own, and you're all set!

Every child is imaginative if given a chance and the right tools. Parents sometimes focus too much on providing the latest and greatest tools and games when they should be focusing on creating positive situations that foster learning. Almost any thing can be turned into a toy with some imagination.