Pre-Arrival Details

Congratulations on taking the first steps towards becoming an international teacher in the USA. Intalage and its staff are here to help you transition seamlessly into your new role.

  • Upon receiving the DS-2019 Form, please read it carefully. Immediately inform RO or ARO of any errors in name, date of birth, place of birth.
  • Sign and make a copy of the DS-2019.
  • Complete the visa application Form DS-160.
  • Schedule a visa interview appointment.
  • Pay the visa application fee, country specific details are available here
  • Prior to your visa appointment, pay the SEVIS fee online. (This fee is in addition to the visa application fee.) Our program number is P-3-10293.
  • Once you confirm your travel reservation, please email a copy of your itinerary; and please call the office immediately upon arrival at your final destination. Even if your arrival is past the normal working hours, please call; we will have calls forwarded to facilitate your arrival.
  • This will help your pick up from the airport and transfer to the hotel for temporary stay or to the apartment for permanent stay.
  • The pick up from the airport is complimentary - either an Intalage staff member will meet you at the airport, or an Intalage teacher from your home country who will also be your mentor, or if it is a late night arrival we will arrange an Uber pick up. 
  • Intalage shortlists housing options and in some instances reserves an apartment for you to move in upon arrival. If there is delay in availability; hotel accommodation is provided.
  • Your initial stay in the hotel for a couple of nights is compliments of Intalage until a permanent housing option is available for you.

Congratulations again and welcome to the Intalage family.