Intalage: International Alliances in Education

Our Story

Intalage began in the year 2000 to build alliances between U.S. schools and teachers from all over the world. We are a full-service educational consulting firm that works with teachers, public schools, private schools, charters, nonprofits, and policy experts, all in the name of international collaboration.

Why is this important? Today’s students will confront and solve tomorrow’s problems. To accomplish this, they need to be prepared for a highly interconnected world and workforce. This means they must be able to empathize with others, work hard through unfamiliar conditions, and remain open to learning. Intalage helps build the foundation of these skills by linking qualified teachers from Spain, India, Jamaica, Chile, Cameroon, and many other countries with U.S. schools that recognize the necessity of a well-rounded team. Over 500 teachers have gone through our program, and they have been placed in 15 major cities around the country, including New York City and Atlanta. We will keep building our network so that all students have an opportunity to learn from a global perspective.

Intalage teachers hold advanced degrees from English-speaking universities, and this depth of knowledge helps them be creative and kind. We train them comprehensively so they're prepared for American culture and American ways of teaching. The U.S. school system will broaden their skills and make them even better teachers, but this is certainly a two-way street, as superintendents, principals, and other providers can benefit from Intalage teachers’ unique knowledge.

Our teachers have expertise in all critical subject areas, from early education to physics and math. Intalage is grateful to be a Designated Sponsor Organization of the U.S. Department of State's J-1 Visa Exchange Program, which means we’ll handle the red tape required for international travel and lodging. All the teachers need to do is apply, and all the schools have to do is choose the person who best fits with their programs and students.

Intalage works hard to connect qualified teachers from abroad with modern U.S. schools. This alliance of fresh perspectives and well-tested styles will prepare America's students for a rapidly changing, complex world. Please join us today using our Contact form.

What We Do

Intalage provides highly qualified and certified educators to U.S. schools, covering a variety of critical subjects. Our teachers come from many countries throughout the world and are equipped with advanced degrees and extensive teaching experience. In addition to connecting schools with qualified professionals, we also offer professional consulting services in the areas of classroom management, teaching skills, culture & diversity training, and parent-teacher interaction.


Our Team

The Intalage family consists of highly-qualified consultants and staff, many of whom bring over 20 years of experience within the public education system to our company. Our dedication to students and our commitment to building alliances can be seen in the skills and caliber of the teachers we train. Intalage consultants provide thorough support to these international teachers, acting as mentors, problem-solvers, and guides. Our staff also works with U.S. school districts, collaborating as needed to select educators who meet a given classroom's needs. For more information on how to connect with any of our team members, please send us a message from the Contact page.

Our Values

We are:

● Professional. The classroom is a center of learning, and should always be treated as such. While there is plenty of room for fun and games, we strive to emulate the respectful and hardworking style of our teachers.

● Perceptive. We try to see how tiny details in a system link up to form a working whole, whether it's one classroom or an entire school district. We hope to bring a sense of care and diligence to our work, no matter the scale.

● Humble. It takes a network of teachers, principals, HR professionals, superintendents, and more to keep our students learning. We're a small part of this process, so we recognize the efforts of those who dedicate their lives to education.

Our Vision

Intalage imagines a future where students freely interact with teachers from around the world, either through technology or in person. We’ll foster a network where America’s children have continual access to new ideas, new techniques, and new opportunities for learning. Eventually, we’d like every child in the country to learn from an international teacher in some way: algebra, Spanish, physics, etc. This will give U.S. students a window into a world beyond their own, which can spark empathy, innovation, and commitment to knowledge. All of these things make our country a better place.

Intalage hopes to draw alliances among teachers, students, schools, and communities for many years to come. We will embrace change while keeping the spirit of freedom that is the core of America.